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In the book The 7 Fundamentals to Create and Sustain A Successful Knowledge Sharing Organization, author Patricia Pedraza-Nafziger says, ‘To encourage employees to share the knowledge gained through experience requires building trust and an understanding of how their knowledge will be used.'”
Janine Schindler, MCC Forbes Councils Member, Forbes.comWhat’s Behind Employee Knowledge Hoarding and How to Fix IT.

The 7 Fundamentals to Create and Sustain a Successful Knowledge Sharing Organization: A collection of valuable findings from an Aerospace Industry Case Study (Paperback version, 151 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0989904223; eBook version, ISBN-10: 0989904229), and Audiobook now available.

As digital business strategies continue to evolve, corporate leaders and information system professionals are attempting to develop successful workforce knowledge sharing systems designed to enhance employee collaboration, innovation, and productivity in today’s fluctuating, multigenerational environment.

The 7 Fundamentals to Create and Sustain a Successful Knowledge Sharing Organization reports findings discovered through a case study of a multinational corporation, referred to as Aerospace Inc., specializing in the design, manufacture, and delivery of aerospace products.  This case study explores an internally developed social networking tool used by Aerospace Inc. to deliver online collaboration capabilities to employees globally.  As a result, seven vital components were identified to create and sustain a successful knowledge sharing organization.

Sharing knowledge and learning are social activities. Dr. Patricia Pedraza-Nafziger shows how the combination of sound KM fundamentals and social media will improve the exchange of knowledge to accelerate learning. Leaders are provided with practical examples of what is needed to drive engagement across generations. The 7 Fundamentals to Create and Sustain a Successful Knowledge Sharing Organization provides a wake-up call for smart leaders to leverage and grow their experts while retaining young talent.
Cindy Hubert, Executive Director of Client Solutions, American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), and Author of The New Edge in Knowledge: How KM is Changing the Way We Do Business

Patricia leads the reader into a forest of issues associated with workforce social networking, and out the other side, to knowledge sharing benefits that can shine on a corporation if these seven fundamentals are addressed; she accomplishes this using candid inputs from actual practitioners.” 
— Tim Bridges, former Knowledge Management Executive, and Contributing Author to Project Management Institute and Harvard Business Review.

The 7 Fundamentals to Create and Sustain a Knowledge Sharing Organization helped to inform the knowledge-sharing portion of my thesis for Design Management studies at SCAD. I really appreciated the insights shared by Dr. Patricia Pedraza-Nafziger on how to build a successful knowledge-sharing program within an organization using an internal social media platform with the goal of having team members begin to share organically (without prodding). Open, regular knowledge-sharing is a necessary component for a well-informed, innovative workforce that is growth-oriented.
— Tonya Humiston, Marketing Strategies Manager, Humiston Design, Co.

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