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Have you ever tried teeing off in front of a crowd of spectators? Conquering the first-tee jitters is a challenge faced by many golfers. “A Golf Ball in Her Shoe” is an uplifting story about a young girl who overcomes her nerves on the golf course with the help of a four-legged friend! Filled with colorful illustrations and easy-to-read storytelling, this is a fun family story for children, young golfers, dog lovers, and parents. Get ready to hit the course with Birdie and an adorable dog named Chip! Filled with life lessons that go beyond the golf course, this is a must-read story for the whole family.

A Golf Ball in Her Shoe has earned the prestigious Mom’s Choice Gold Award – Honoring Excellence. Having been rigorously evaluated by a panel of MCA evaluators, A Golf Ball in Her Shoe is deemed to be among the best children’s picture books for families.

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To Wendy Leach, showcased illustrator and member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Thank you for sharing your creative talent and bringing Birdie and Chip to life.

Inspiring Story – This book is well-written and inspiring. I like how the little girl supports her adopted dog and how her dog supports her. This book shows how emotionally connected we are with our animals, and with love and support, we can face our fears. I am an elementary school teacher and highly recommend this book.” – Natalie McDonald-Perkins

Instructive – Instructive and entertaining, this story not only explains golf but also about disability and how to deal with it. Highly recommended and pedagogically valuable.” – Ava H.

Beautiful Story – Overcoming fears and anxieties is a common problem for young people. One way to overcome them is to use distraction as a way of deflecting the mind from negative thoughts. This beautifully written and illustrated book is easy for young readers to read because the language is straightforward, and the message is clear. Young Birdie learns to overcome her “first tee nerves” when she stops thinking about her performance on the golf course and instead focuses on the needs of her disabled puppy, Chip. Birdie helps Chip with his disability and Chip helps Birdie overcome her fear. Highly recommended.” – Julia Seaborn, Australia

Sweet and Entertaining – It’s an uplifting story of a little girl who loves golf and wants to become a professional golfer. It’s a great teaching tool for young readers and helps them to face their fear and anxiety. A wonderful story with beautiful illustrations. I enjoyed reading this book to my niece who is an animal lover too.” – Books and Beyond.

Beautiful Story – My little girl enjoyed this story a lot, the illustrations are colorful and beautifully support the narrative. I liked the lessons that are incorporated into the story, they spark great conversations.” – Shawn

Loved by a Young Golfer – My 11-year-old grandson is an avid golfer. He loved this story about overcoming difficulties in golf as well as for a pet. A wonderful story with beautiful illustrations. Highly recommended for children of any age.” – Rich Linville

Sweet and Inspiring – This is a fantastic story of a girl who finds her sense of empowerment with a bit of help from her sweet pup Chip! The illustrations are beautiful, and the text is inspiring. It just goes to show you how one thoughtful dinner-time conversation can inspire the imagination in ways that can help everyone to grow! Fantastic read!” – Gina Bell

Beautiful Story with an Unexpected Lesson – What a lovely story! The author does a great job teaching about conquering nervousness. What a lovely surprise that we also see how a little girl who is struggling with her own issue finds help and strength when she uses her love to help someone (something) else. No spoiler here. Lol. Love and compassion conquers all. Believe in yourself. Just a couple of the many lessons young readers will learn in this story. I recommend!” – Naomi V. Dunsen-White

A Sweet Story About Discovering Self-Confidence – This is an adorable book about a little girl who really loves to play golf. The only problem is that she is afraid to perform in front of people. In helping her beloved dog overcome a physical challenge, she finds her self-confidence. I highly recommend this book to all families with young children.” – Amazon Customer.

A Motivational and Moving Story – This super sweet story follows a young golf enthusiast as she is challenged with the first-tee jitters. Her adorable companion is also faced with challenges of his own. Will these two perfect partners be able to help each other overcome and thrive? Find out in this precious girl meets puppy tale.” – Lindsey

This Book is so Sweet – I have 3 young children age 6, 4 and almost 2. All three of them were captivated by this sweet book. This book is the perfect addition to bedtime reading for our family. Not too long and overwhelming for parents who are exhausted to read at the end of the night, plus NO RHYMING! Also, a really important lesson is learned that your children can easily relate to.” – Renee Polchinski

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